Full Day Wedding Questionnaire

Please grab a cup of tea, or a G&T & have a good read through this questionnaire. It’s really vital every question is answered so I am completely informed about every aspect of your day. I want to spend the day concentrating on creating the best possible wedding story for you so every little detail should be mentioned here, to help me capture your love story. When you have finished and clicked submit, please make sure you see a confirmation page before closing the page down, if you do not see the confirmation page, please make sure you have filled in all required boxes, your answers will not have been submitted unless the confirmation page shows.

Some tips to remember, for the best possible prep photographs for you:

  • It’s more than likely when the Make-Up artist arrives she will seat you next to the window, this is an absolutely perfect situation for bridal prep photos, as it will be light and I will be able to create those soft airy images. If she doesn’t please direct her to a window for make-up application and not in a dark corner.
  • Please have your dress out of the bag, ready for photographs, if you are worried about it getting a mark on, leave it in the bag, but hung on a door or window frame, some-where I can easily find it.
  • Please remember, your dress will be photographed on a hanger, alongside the bridesmaid dresses, if you can, please use a white wooden hanger (or a fancy personalised hanger) to hang the dresses, it makes such a difference to your photographs having a lovely hanger for your dresses, rather than a plastic one’s. 
  • Please have jewellery, invitations & stationary, shoes & other little details, laid out on a surface I can easily find to photograph them.
  • Please be aware of the room around you, my photographs are light, airy & minimalistic, to achieve that look, rooms should be light, curtains open and please try keep it as tidy as possible (trust me I know how hard this is!!) but I can’t photoshop out objects & clothes. It’s best to keep a clear room, it also makes you feel less stressed as you can find everything you need easily! Anything you don’t want to be seen in the photographs, please remove it from the room, or when I arrive, let me know & I will remove it.



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